(From left) Prasad Shelar, Azhar Shaikh, Suraj Singh, Ayesha Lobo, Ninad Mayekar and Trunal Helegaonkar

Mumbai: When Ninad’s boss asked him to choose between sailing and work, he didn’t take a thought to decide. Suraj and Ayesha wrote college exams in a hurry and rushed to the sailing club. Trunal left all important office work and drove south with Azhar, who was in Mumbai on a two month leave from the army. And with his first love calling, Prasad had nowhere else to go.

In no time these barefoot sailors were together, making race plans on a RIB heading towards the race course just 15 minutes before racing began.

They left eyebrows raised when they blew competition of the water, wiping top teams with ease and remaining unbeaten except by the team-1 from Army Yachting Node.

All of them in their early twenties, struggling between College, work and their sailing careers effortlessly sailed into the finals.

In the finals they went down 2-0 against the top AYN team winning silver in the National Team Racing Championship 2010 at INWTC, Mumbai.

Wondering why this team of ex- Optimist champions was named The Bare Foot Sailors? They had no idea they would end up sailing that day and left home without their sailing kit.

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