The 420 Class association of India is planning to conduct the first 420 class Asian Championship at Chennai in May this year. Lt Col Gautama Dutta (Retd), Secretary 420 CAI said that he is preparing to welcome the first 420 Asian Championship in India. The 420 class will be included in the next Asian Games as well as in the next three ISAF Youth World Championships. He mentioned that 420 is one of the fastest growing class in India and we should all make an endeavour to popularize the class for the youth. It is an Ideal boat to graduate into from Optimist.

Prior to the Asian Championship a coaching camp will be conducted at Chennai under the National class coach, Vikas Kapila (420 World sailing champion).

Like last year, both Inland and costal nationals will be conducted this year.  The Coastals will be conducted at Chennai while the Inlands will be conducted at Secunderabad.

The class association has also introduced a new boat manufacturer, Far East Boats, a well known performance boat builder in Asia. The boats can also be procured in the 75 – 25 % scheme under the Ministry of Sports, Govt of India. For details, please contact the 420 Class Association at

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