I remember seeing the first boat in my life at Vasai fort at the age of 4. I had seen sailboats only on the TV and I found them very interesting. I used to cover my school notebooks with pictures of sailboats because I found them very cool. Even now if you ask me to make something from a paper piece, I’ll make a paper boat.

Being an animal lover, I spent most of my time visiting wildlife sanctuaries and studying about animals. I never found time to learn sailing. During my masters I came across a very strange guy, Suraj. He always carried a smile on his face and in fact he was the only guy whom I found sensible in my course. Soon as we became friends I realized that he was sailor and the only one I had come across.

Since I love adventurous sports, I definitely wanted to give sailing a try. So I went sailing with Suraj twice last year and I really enjoyed the experience.

I don’t know what made him to invite me to join the Sailing Times India team for the Tolani mid season championship. It was my debut race and the experience was awesome. The kind of team work we shared was totally amazing. Sailing with two well experienced sailors, Prasad and Suraj, was a great experience and I got to learn a lot of things. It was fun to practically experience the physics involved in sailing using tide, wind shifts, boat balance and generating speed using the wind.

We had six races in the championship and of course WE WON!!! The feeling of winning my debut sailing championship was truly amazing. Well, the whole credit goes to my team coz I only followed their instructions. I am just too happy and had a lot of fun playing with the wind and tide.

I am looking forward to participate in many more races in the future.

Written and Shared by Abhijeet Nair on winning his debut sailing championship.

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  1. what do you think about me bro.. don’t want to give me a chance to try my luck in sailing again?

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