Upamanyu Dutta (RBYC) - Sailor of the month

Battling strong winds gusting between 30 – 35 knots and the wildest sea conditions in the Persian Gulf waters for over 4 days, Upamanyu Dutta gave India its first Gold in Optimist class at the Qatar International regatta 2011. His courage and skills were widely lauded by all present at the event held off Doha, Qatar.

With a range of national and international titles under his belt, he has his eyes set on the World Championship at Napier, New Zealand in December this year.

“I have been training hard for strong wind conditions which I will face in New Zealand, so this championship was a good experience. I plan to sail throughout the monsoons to get fitter and better in strong winds. I will also be travelling to Europe to take part in events to prepare for the World championship”, says Upamanyu.

Currently ranked No.1 in the YAI Optimist National rankings, Upamanyu is definitely on his way to become the most successful Indian Optimist sailor the world has seen so far.

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