Mumbai: Shahid Basheer along with his team put in a superb all round effort to ensure victory in the JJ memorial trophy 2011. He sailed extremely well on the upwind leg to finish first with a huge lead in the Mandwa – Mumbai leg on Sunday. His team comprised of Asian medallist sailor Neha Maheshwari, Karsten Eskelund, Rohini Behl, Frenaz Bacha and Simran Lalwani. Shahid now holds a total of four wins in the Mumbai – Mandwa – Mumbai races (2 X JJ Memorial & 2 X Gammon Cup). The team of Cyrus Heerjee, Akshay Deodhar, Preeti Ramani and Juhi Bhandarkar finished second overall.

Lightning’s dominated the Mumbai – Mandwa leg of the race where team of Gulshan Chunekar, Hema Mehta and Sohail finished first while Prasad Shelar, Suraj Singh and Trunal Helegaonkar finished second but they failed to keep up with the J-24’s on the upwind leg.

Also in the race was Samsara, a brand new 27 footer boat built by Sagar Kudale. It was skippered by Capt. Homi Motivala with a crew of 7 members. The boat was built in India in just 5 months and was launched for the first time on Saturday, just 2 hours before the race. She is a strong ocean going boat built with cold mould technology. “Twenty years ago the same technology was used to build wooden enterprise boats in India but it was very expensive”, said Kudale. Powered by north sails, the boat can be easily sailed with a 10 member crew.

Words: Poornima Dadarkar

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  1. Neha didn’t show up for the return leg…un-professional for asian medallist sailor! P.S. These are club races, kindly keep them off these national forums.

  2. Rohini have you seen the rest of the ” asian medallist sailors” ..they are not anything to look up to anyway…lots of self publicty in this country. its such a shame.

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