Hyderabad: Alekhya Sudam’s Facebook status read ‘it’s like I’m still dreaming!! You guys are the best!! -Nitin Mongia, Hema Mehta, Balraj Yadav’ while Hema Mehta commented ‘No gain without pain’ on the picture of her bruised legs following their victory at the Monsoon Regatta 2011 with team mates Nitin Mongia and Balraj Yadav at Hussain Sagar, Hyderabad. They beat Ayaz Shaikh 3- 1 to lift the Tata Monsoon Regatta trophy.

Keeping up with two Asian Games medalist in the team and winning against the hot – favourite Ayaz Shaikh wasn’t an easy task for these brave sailor girls. They sailed extremely well under pressure to win three matches back to back to win the title.

“We could see the girls really pushing themselves and working hard and they truly deserve the win,” said Sandip Jain, trimmer and tactician on Ayaz’s team.

Alekhya and Hema have become the only girls to win the Monsoon Regatta and also the only women to have sailed with Nitin. For Nitin Mongia this was his second win at the Monsoon Regatta. He had earlier won it in 2009.

After the win Nitin went on record to state that his decision to include the girls on his team was the best he has ever made.

“It’s quite an honour to hear Nitin say that. Nitin is an Arjuna Awardee and has been my mentor for quite a few years. For him to say that was overwhelming,” said Alekhya.

In the petit final Aashim Mongia beat defending champion Ramachandran Mahesh 2-0 to finish third overall.

“Winning the petit finals against Mahesh made the win even more special,” said Ninad Mayekar, trimmer and tactician on Aashim’s team.

Tata Monsoon Regatta 2011 – Overall Standings ::

1st – Nitin Mongia
2nd – Ayaz Shaikh
3rd – Aashim Mongia
4th – Ramachandran Mahesh
5th – Trunal Helegaonkar
6th – D K Acharya
7th – Atool Sinha
8th – Chandra Shekhar
9th – Taramati Matiwade
10th – Ayesha Lobo

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