Hyderabad: The Yacht Club of Hyderabad hosted India’s first ever Family Championship at National level in the new 5 meter Omega Class of boats imported from the UK.

The restrictions of having a crew below 18 on board and one below 15 and a lady crew made it a landmark event. A total of 12 teams entered the event.

Ninad Mayekar with crew Gulshan Chunekar, Yugandhara Patil, and Nikhil took the top spot by winning all the races with ease. They performed equally well in both light and heavy wind conditions.

“Right from the beginning on the series, our goal was to clearly win all the races”, said Mayekar.

Best lady helm Aarti Pawar with crew

Close behind them finished Aarti Pawar with crew Trunal Helegaonkar, Varun Raj and Hemant. Aarti remained the best lady helm in the event.

The race committee was hell bent on completing the races that went on even after sunset and the participants wholly keen on the prize money offered by Marine Solutions and the Barclays trophy.

“Sailing the final races in almost no sunlight made it even more challenging coz we could barely see the buoys”, said Aarti.

The team of Aditya Menon finished third overall.

The Family Championship was a huge hit because of the new interesting format of racing and some very close and fiercely fought races.

The event created an awareness and changed the landscape of sailing from a medal oriented challenging and competitive sport to one that allows for relaxation and enjoyment for the entire family.

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