Varsha Gautham (TNSA) with her parents

Hyderabad: Varsha Gautham of Tamilnadu Sailing Association won three Gold medals in Laser 4.7 class at the 26th Laser Inland National championships 2011 at Hussain Sagar Lake, Hyderabad. She won the Overall championship along with gold’s in the under 16 and under 18 girl’s category. With a very consistence performance, she led the series right from the start till the end. Varun Thakkar (TNSA) finished second while Prince Noble (MYC) finished third in the open category.

In the under 18 boys category Varun Thakkar finished first while in the under 16 boys category Prince Noble (NSS) finished first.

Laser 4.7 Open
1st – Varsha Gautham (TNSA)
2nd – Varun Thakkar (TNSA)
3rd – Prince Noble (MYC)

Laser 4.7 – Boys under 18
1st – Varun Thakkar (TNSA)
2nd – Prince Noble (MYC)
3rd – Abhimanyu Panwar (RMYC)

Laser 4.7 – Boys under 16
1st – Prince Noble (MYC)
2nd – Ravindhar (TNSA)
3rd – Shiv Rekhi (RMYC)

Laser 4.7 – Girls under 18
1st – Varsha Gautham (TNSA)
2nd – Nanda Raikwar (NSS)
3rd – Ekta Yadav (NSS)

Laser 4.7 – girls under 16
1st – Varsha Gautham (TNSA)

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  1. Hey Varsh.. long way to go dear.. it only few months now for the 2012. All our wishes are with you.

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