Chennai, India: The day one of the International Regatta started off reasonably well, though slightly delayed. The first race started north of the shipping channel by 1130hrs in a west-north-west breeze of 5 to 6 knots. However, midway through the second race the wind dropped to zero and race two had to be abandoned. The second race was re started in 8 to 9 knot winds which midway through the race dropped to 4 knots, resulting in the course being shortened to finish at the windward mark of the loop. At the end of the day only two races could be completed instead of the scheduled two.

The first race in both the Optimists and the 29ers were won by girls.
Amongst the Optimist, Leah Govias from India finished first while Jimi from Indonesia finished in the second place followed by Peter Lin Janezic from Slovenia, the silver medallist from IIR 2010, who finished third. Peter Lin sailed a very good 2nd race to win it while Conor O’Beirne from Ireland finished second and Zahabiya from India finished third. At the end of the day Peter Lin leads the sailors in the Optimist class.

In the first race of the 29ers, the girls team of the of Varsha Gautham and Aishwarya Nedu sailed brilliantly to win the first race with a comfortable lead, they were followed by Varun Thakkar and Ganapathy in the second place. In the second race, Shiv Rekhi and Ankit led initially but the race ended with favourites Varun and Ganapathy placed as first with Varsha and Aishwarya in the second place. End of the day, the girls team and boys team are tied at 3 points each.

Provisional Results for the day

Race 1:
1. Leah Govias (India)
2. Jimi (Indonesia)
3. Peter Lin Janezic (Slovenia)

Race 2:
1. Peter Lin Janezic (Slovenia)
2. Conor O’Beirne (Ireland)
3. Zahabiyah (India)

Race 1 :
1. Varsha / Aishwarya
2. Ganapathy / Varun
3. Hussain / Praveen

Race 2 :
1. Ganapathy / Varun
2. Varsha / Aishwarya
3. Shiv / Ankit

1. Peter Lin Janezic (Slovenia)
2. Conor O’Beirne (Ireland)
3. Toni Vrscaj

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