Mumbai: The Talpade Memorial Cup combined class race was held last Saturday by the Royal Bombay Yacht Club. The race was sailed in J-24, Seabird and Lightning class boats. A total of 40 sailors took part in the race in 12 boats.

Mehul Ashar, who entered the race with his 7 year old daughter Ania as crew in the lightning class won with a very comfortable lead. He dominated the race right from the start and took perfect advantage of light winds and the strong ebbing tide to finish first. Inspite of sailing the entire race without a spinnaker, he managed to beat all the seabird’s online and left no scope for the J-24 to open out.

Cyrus Heerjee with crew Khushru Tampal, Darayus shroff and Kunal sailed very well in J-24 class to beat all the seabirds and finish second overall. Mehul, currently India’s No.1 Enterprise class sailor, remained first overall even after his handicap was reduced by 20 points for having a tindal on board.

Anil Makhija with crew Krish Makhija and Salil Sabir finished third overall.

About the race:

The Talpade Memorial Cup is an annual race conducted in memory of  Royal Bombay Yacht Club’s sailing clerk, Mr. Talpade, whose devotion and efficiency in running and maintaining the standard of Club Races during his long tenure on the job deserved appreciation.

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Seabird Sailing in Mumbai from Gateway of India

Sailing in Mumbai from Gateway of India

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