Gaurav Shinde – Clipper Round the World Race

Gaurav Shinde is set to create history by becoming the first Indian to race round the world.

He is the first Indian selected to crew in the prestigious Clipper Round the World Yacht Race starting in July 2013. Clipper is the longest round the world yacht race which will take Gaurav 40,000 miles to all continents in the world.

The Clipper 13-14 Round the World Yacht Race features 15 individual races competed over eight separate legs. Like a Formula 1 Grand Prix season, points are awarded for each race and accumulate towards a championship total.

History in the making

The 25 year old sailor from Mumbai will become the first Indian to take part in a Round the World Yacht Race.

Gaurav has been on winning teams of the Indian Offshore National Championships sailed from Kochi to Lakshadweep in 2008 (2nd leg Winner) and 2011 (Overall Winner).

The Route

12 boats will race from United Kingdom to Brazil in the first leg, Brazil to South Africa in the second, South Africa to Western Australia in the third, West Australian port to New Zealand to East Australian port in the fourth, East Australia port to Singapore to China in the fourth, China to Western USA port in the fifth, Western USA through Panama canal to Eastern USA, Eastern USA through Canada and Ireland to finish back in the United Kingdom.

Gaurav will go through weeks of extensive training in UK before the event.

Current Scene

India does not have any kind of offshore races or structure for promoting offshore racing. In this atmosphere it is hard for sailors based in India to participate in big races like the Volvo Ocean Race. Joining the Clipper is a first step towards getting offshore experience.


The brave high sea explorer has been sailing since the age of 12. He was a part of the KYA team in the 2008 Offshore National Championships. Sailing in a wooden Seabird class boat they defeated other teams in faster and more efficient J-24 class boats in the second leg. Apart from his offshore national title, he holds two national titles in lightning class.

Gaurav is a Mass Media graduate from St.Xaviers College, Mumbai. He works at Google India as  Search Quality Evaluator and is also a blogger and photographer.